Announcement about tickets

Both days of EJEKT 2020 will not take place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have already announced that RHCP will be the headliners of Day1 of EJEKT 2021 on 26/06/2021 and the pre-sale has started. We will announce the entire line-up soon.

For ticket holders of EJEKT 2020 Day1 (05/06/2020) who wish to attend EJEKT 2021 Day1 on 26/06/2021, their tickets are valid. They don’t need to do anything else right now.

For EJEKT 2020 ticket holders who do not yet know if they will be able to attend EJEKT 2021, the voucher process will apply:
they will get a voucher with the monetary value of their ticket, which they will be able to use at any event organized by MGT Productions (promoter of EJEKT Festival) within 18 months.

On May 7, the Greek government – like several other European countries – announced the voucher for cultural events, but did not mention its terms and conditions. As soon as they announce these necessary details, we will immediately proceed with all actions towards our ticket holders.

We thank you for your understanding throughout this period and we express our regret for any inconvenience caused. What we are experiencing this year is unprecedented and there are no quick fixes.

Best regards,
EJEKT Festival